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Certified Natural New York

What it is:  A certifying group that ensures the following:

Animals are free from: With the exception of Mother’s milk
1. Antibiotics  2. Added hormones  3. Animal byproducts
a. Animal Fat   b. Meat and Bone Meal  c. Plasma  d. feather meal

*The Farm feed tags will be checked
Twice Per year.

The raising and producing of animals under
Humane practices. Farmers are Certified and
Audited once per year by the Animal Welfare

An Animal identification program that is documented to the farmer and the processor.
A meat grading system to present to your customers. The score will be based on:
A. flavor  B. color    C. p.h.    D. marbling     E. texture

• A source of farms to network for needs or over supply of animal numbers.

• A network of New York State family farms to share in markets,
Genetics, management, husbandry, and overall
Sustainable farming practices.

What is Certified Natural?

Certified Natural is an up and coming topic. It is not Organic, and it is not “All Natural”. The USDA is currently working on specific rules you must follow in order to make these claims. With in the next 5 years there will be a USDA ruling. Currently the term “Certified Natural “ has many meanings.

This is what it means to Lucki 7 Livestock Co. To be certified means you need a third party inspector or multiple inspectors visit the farm routinely. . The inspector (s) reviews your nutrition, your farm cleanliness, and the well being of your livestock. The third party audit also includes how the animals are transported and how they are treated at the slaughter plant. These two operations must also be inspected. The “Certified Natural” guidelines are a complete list of protocols that you must agree to and follow. The certification is supported with a signed affidavit with every load of livestock that leaves your farm. We don’t feel is responsible enough to just raise and sell animals. My family wants animals to behave in a comfortable setting, have a well kept operation that is conscious of our natural resources, and create delicious tasting, high quality local products. Please review our protocols.

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